A Cup of Pain

I remember when I was offered the opportunity to become a Singles Pastor. What wonderful excitement to know that the Lord had gauged me fit to serve in an esteemed capacity. I asked Him what would be the foundation of the ministry and the answer was spiritual maturity, moral integrity and financial prosperity. Although the joy was real, I could not help remembering at times the intermittent anguish and frustration of other pastors and leaders as they worked to impart godly wisdom and encouragement to their members. At times it seemed that nothing would produce the desired results for some.I have experienced some of those same unmet expectations as I have listened and prayed for a resolution to a host of challenges that seem to engulf too many of God's sons and daughters. I have wondered why people who are devoted to serving the Lord have to endure so many trials and suffer seemingly so unjustly. Spiritually, emotionally,physically and financially, the scales of justice seem to be … [Read more...]