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I know a little girl whose first name means “God’s Unique Glory” and her middle name means “Overcome and Victorious”. Even as a toddler, this little Girl was trained to understand the meaning and significance of her assigned name. The Lord would give her confirmations as she grew in him and chronologically developed. She was excited to learn that this name was divinely given to her Mommy when her Mommy was only 8 years old. This confirmed to her that the Lord Jesus had chosen this name just for her to uniquely glorify Him. Now as a Teen, she is a brilliant dancer who decorates music with divine motions that surely glorifies her Lord continually as this anointing overflows into the full spectrum of all of her soul and life. The power of the “NICE” of her name has full charge of her existence. You are probably asking what is the “NICE” of a name. I will tell you very soon what the “NICE” is but first I need to tell you of someone who unknowingly and circumstantially lived very far away … [Read more...]