I know a little girl whose first name means “God’s Unique Glory” and her middle name means “Overcome and Victorious”. Even as a toddler, this little Girl was trained to understand the meaning and significance of her assigned name. The Lord would give her confirmations as she grew in him and chronologically developed. She was excited to learn that this name was divinely given to her Mommy when her Mommy was only 8 years old. This confirmed to her that the Lord Jesus had chosen this name just for her to uniquely glorify Him. Now as a Teen, she is a brilliant dancer who decorates music with divine motions that surely glorifies her Lord continually as this anointing overflows into the full spectrum of all of her soul and life. The power of the “NICE” of her name has full charge of her existence. You are probably asking what is the “NICE” of a name.
I will tell you very soon what the “NICE” is but first I need to tell you of someone who unknowingly and circumstantially lived very far away from the “NICE” divinely locked within his own name. This troubled Man has a name given to 3 generations of men within his family. This particular name means “Strong as a Lion and Fearless Spirit” but because of his hatred towards his Father, he refused to pass this name downward to his own Son – the fourth generation. He gave his Son a name that was only a “trendy sound” that is used in Rap Lyrics and that had been his own childhood nickname. His only Son was robbed by the Enemy out his God-given inheritance of being Strong as a Lion and Fearless Spirit” because of his own Father’s brokenness. So, this Man’s Son is identified by a name without substance or any of the Lord’s “Nice”. Of course, now you really want to know just what is this “NICE” that Pstr Jessye keeps speaking of, well hold your horses because I am now getting ready to tell you.

When a Client comes in for a counseling appointment with my Husband and I at Redemptive Christian Counseling or RCC, we begin by establishing their God-given identity on multiple levels. We go firstly to their name and the prophetic meaning within their name because we are looking for the divine “NICE” of their name. The “NICE” is an acrostic that God gave us through a Client where the N stands for the nature of God, while the I represents the Identity of God, as the C stands for the Character of God and the E relates to the Essence of the God. Your name represents a covenant between you and the Lord where you carry within your soul and spirit a demonstration of His love, equipping force and empowerment. For the scripture Isaiah 43:1  But now, thus says the Lord, your Creator, O Jacob, And He who formed you, O Israel, “Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name; you are Mine! confirms my point of how important your name is to our Lord for your life. Your name is essentially vital and tactical to how your life is navigated. Satan is also aware of the God’s connection to your name and this is why he puts his devices in place to steal your divine identity as he may have done in previous generations. He starts out by getting you to question your purpose as he did Jesus during His Temptation.

Jesus continually fired the Word of God back at him like a nuclear missile and against the Word, Satan had no defense yet scripture says that he left the Lord Jesus for a more opportune time. Face it Guys, Satan hates you. You were created in His image and not in Satan’s. You were ransomed by Jesus, our Creator. So, Satan must then pull the generational sin card to get you to sin or at least get you to compromise your own boundaries then he can move you away from the “Nice” of the powerful name that God gave to you. Your name expands your covenant with God so you better live out of the strength of that God-given name. That Devil is attempting to disconnect you from that covenant with the Lord that is locked within your name. At RCC we can prophetically gauge how far or how close you are living towards or against your name.

This is why we do a Geno-gram that traces the entire sin patterns and generational curses between you and your forefathers. Through doing these Geno-grams, we can safely say that a lot of the Church’s spiritual potential and some of the potential of a family system, goes to the grave neither realized nor utilized. This is exactly what happened with some of my family members. In my family, we are plagued by the spirit of addictions and you know that the spirit of addiction had only one job and that was to take our prophetic inheritance flat out of some my Relatives by killing them with their addictions. Oh, but there is still a Balm in Gilead, because our prophetic inheritance in ever present, thriving and ever active at RCC and is still active in our through other family members.

Many are living so far out there away from the “NICE” of their names and so are their children. Give us a call at RCC and we can put you and your family on tract to living out your divine purpose, destiny and getting back your family’s inheritance. Let’s stop this generational thievery right now so that you and yours can possess full inheritance.

Hello out there! It is time be aggressive! You can reach us at 972-478-4340 to make an appointment. if you live out of town or country, we do SKYPE and Telephone counsel daily. I can’t wait to hear from you. Time to do aggression.





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