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A Cup of Pain

I remember when I was offered the opportunity to become a Singles Pastor. What wonderful excitement to know that the Lord had gauged me fit to serve in an esteemed capacity. I asked Him what would be the foundation of the ministry and the answer was spiritual maturity, moral integrity and financial prosperity. Although the joy was real, I could not help remembering at times the intermittent anguish and frustration of other pastors and leaders as they worked to impart godly wisdom and encouragement to their members. At times it seemed that nothing would produce the desired results for some.I have experienced some of those same unmet expectations as I have listened and prayed for a resolution to a host of challenges that seem to engulf too many of God's sons and daughters. I have wondered why people who are devoted to serving the Lord have to endure so many trials and suffer seemingly so unjustly. Spiritually, emotionally,physically and financially, the scales of justice seem to be … [Read more...]


One week in counseling, I counseled three lonely married Women who were in the midst of marital affairs.  They were convicted of the affairs and knew that it was sin but did not know the depth of that sin against the Lord.  It took 2 weeks of counseling on the holiness of marriage coupled with the unique revelation of the trinitarian aspects of marriage before the fullness of repentance was realized by these Women.  In this RCC Blog, I will briefly discuss a three part overview of our divine process just to stir up an insatiable desire within you for full restoration and deliverance if this thing has touch you personal life. Key One is below and the rest will come weekly for it has three Keys.  My Husband and I at RCC are here for you and would never want you to wear the defilement of this kind of thing.  AMPUTATE!!!!!! MATT. 5:28, 29 but I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart “If your right eye … [Read more...]

Stumping Your Toe

When was the last time you stumped your toe? It has been a long time since I literally experienced this phenomenon.It usually happens when in my house I'm attempting to navigate going from one location to another in the dark and knowing that I would feel more comfortable if I turned on some light. I wondered about the pain of hitting my foot against something as I was reading how Satan was attempting to persuade Jesus to jump off the highest point of a building in the book of Luke. It reads in verse 4 of chapter one that he brought Him to Jerusalem,set Him on the pinnacle of the temple and said to Him. "If you are the Son of God, throw yourself down from here. "For it is written: He ( God ), will give His angles charge over you and in their arms they shall bear you up least you dash your foot against a stone." God created humanity with free will, the right to choose- When I choose decisions that are contradictory to the personal covenant He has made with me through my name, I hinder … [Read more...]