Stumping Your Toe

When was the last time you stumped your toe? It has been a long time since I literally experienced this phenomenon.It usually happens when in my house I’m attempting to navigate going from one location to another in the dark and knowing that I would feel more comfortable if I turned on some light. I wondered about the pain of hitting my foot against something as I was reading how Satan was attempting to persuade Jesus to jump off the highest point of a building in the book of Luke.
It reads in verse 4 of chapter one that he brought Him to Jerusalem,set Him on the pinnacle of the temple and said to Him. “If you are the Son of God, throw yourself down from here. “For it is written: He ( God ), will give His angles charge over you and in their arms they shall bear you up least you dash your foot against a stone.”
God created humanity with free will, the right to choose-
When I choose decisions that are contradictory to the personal covenant He has made with me through my name, I hinder the ability of angles who have been assigned to protect me from carrying out their responsibility.They will not challenge the established commands of God. Satan knows all about the consequences of doing so.
Not navigating life in my godly identity is the same as trying to get from my bedroom to the kitchen in the dark. The pride of familiarity will cause some level of pain when I least expect it.Notice that Jesus was brought to the temple because he was weakened physically from not having eaten or drank anything for forty days.
Being weakened didn’t minimize the power of His commitment to stay focused on His purpose. The light of that purpose kept Him from the results of attempting to navigate life in a compromised identity. God told Jesus’s earthly father Joseph that His name would be Emanuel which means God with us.
In the Garden of Eden Eve was asked the question, “Did God not say”? In the desert Jesus was asked,”If you are”? When God positions us for another level of kingdom living an adversary will attempt to get us to question who we are in Christ and the blessings of our relationship in Him.He knew who He was and being filled with the Holy Spirit enabled Him to draw upon the power of that truth.
This truth is what will keep our godly identity from being compromised. Not knowing who we are in Christ can result in being the most damaging obstacle in our lives to overcome. It can be compared to identity theft. No one should have to deal with the agony of recovering their personal identity.There is a greater agony when someone has been robbed of their spiritual identity. It can take too many years to discover and to activate with assurance.
For the righteous the realization of who they are is a joyous event – it is the the awareness of a divine truth.For those who attempt to live without discovering their godly identity, that revelation can be far more terrifying when dark secrets are exposed and they have to face the consequences of their ignorance.
Discover your godly identity and stop attempting to navigate life without the proper light.
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