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Honor Thy Father

The last breath in living without being active in my godly identity came when revelation surfaced about the self embezzlement I condoned. The realization that my every breath must be mentally and emotionally in concert with the pursuit of demonstrating the essence of that identity was a tsunamic encounter. From the rising of the sun to the closing of my eyes to refuel my body and soul, I must be purposeful in connecting to the daily bread assigned to me. I can only receive it by being activated in my godly identity. it is the spiritual GPS that guides me to the divine intersections established for my life. As I read Corinthians 1:25 once, I asked God what type of weaknesses did He have.His answer was His love for me;that He never stops thinking about me and every time He does it makes Him weak.I learned then never to fear rejection from anyone because the only approval I need is from my heavenly father. Everyone enjoys the affirmation of other peoples acceptance and approval. Indeed, … [Read more...]