Honor Thy Father

The last breath in living without being active in my godly identity came when revelation surfaced about the self embezzlement I condoned. The realization that my every breath must be mentally and emotionally in concert with the pursuit of demonstrating the essence of that identity was a tsunamic encounter.

From the rising of the sun to the closing of my eyes to refuel my body and soul, I must be purposeful in connecting to the daily bread assigned to me. I can only receive it by being activated in my godly identity. it is the spiritual GPS that guides me to the divine intersections established for my life.

As I read Corinthians 1:25 once, I asked God what type of weaknesses did He have.His answer was His love for me;that He never stops thinking about me and every time He does it makes Him weak.I learned then never to fear rejection from anyone because the only approval I need is from my heavenly father.
Everyone enjoys the affirmation of other peoples acceptance and approval. Indeed, it should never require being a show pony to get it.

Imitation has been said to be the highest form of flattery.Unfortunately, when it involves a lack of godly identity, it more often than not results in one becoming a victim of inconsistency, the subject of contempt and an object of reproach.A very intelligent man by the name of Booker T.Washington said, “A person’s success isn’t measured by his possessions but by the obstacles he overcomes”.

One crucial reason Jesus came to earth was to provide an opportunity for an abundant life to those who accepted it. As a pastor and counselor, I have been privileged to assist many to acknowledge and embrace the joy of possessing their godly identity.

David said to his beloved friend Jonathan that there was only one step between himself and death. He finally realized that king Saul was truly attempting to mortally harm him whenever he had an opportunity.

One misstep could be his last.Regardless of what his friend said to him he knew that he had to preserve his life. That same drive for personal preservation has to become every mans revelation in order to fully experience the joy of a kingdom relationship with Jesus Christ and those He brings into his life.

It is for sure and a certainty, from the root below to the fruit above, that God loves you, He never loves you not.

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