The Search For Fulfillment

Jesus is saying in John 10:10 that He came for people to have an abundant life but the thief came to kill, steal and destroy.Fulfillment is a significant common denominator for everyone because on one level or more we’re all seeking fulfillment in our lives.To realize the truth of any fulfillment four things are needed.

1.I must obtain revelation: an understanding of truth at the level of my comprehension of the revelation.
2.I must have a role model: because it is a part of God’s order to teach and train by example. I must witness truth displayed in the life of another.

Formula For Success

Instructions      x        Examples       x         Experience

Word of God                 Parents                         Test

3.I must acquire a regiment of faith: a systematic way of applying God’s word in my everyday situations so I can get the promised results.
4.A righteous resolve: a godly reason for wanting these principles to work in my life.

As I talk about The Search for Fulfillment,you will see how to arrive at each principle for your life.

At this point I would like for you to read Psalms chapter eight and then return to reading this fabulous article.

A rich man and a not so rich man buys a car, drives it home, parks it in their garage, looks back at it as they enter their house and experience fulfillment. One lives by his wits and one lives by the word of God.
A chemical is released in their brain called endorphins in order for them to experience a sense of pleasure.In my examination of these examples,I have to come to the conclusion that fulfillment isn’t only situational but also relational because these two people are experiencing similar situations from different perspectives, yet both have a sense of fulfillment.

This leads me to feel that fulfillment is an individual experience based on a personal criteria of what I believe.

Revelation of who I am in heaven has more impact in my life than who I thought I was on earth. On earth I grew up with many unfulfilling characteristics that took a long time to change. Jesus said that when we become a disciple of His that we would know the truth and that truth would make us free. My comprehension of that truth certainly had to evolve. As it evolves, I am able to understand with more clarity who I am and why I’m here on earth.

The two most important days in life is the day you are born and the day you find out why – Mark Twain

I didn’t have a masculine role model in my life growing up being that I’ve never seen or know anything about my father. The closest one was probably my best friends dad. Being at his house gave me the opportunity to see a whole family unit.A godly masculine example can arguably be the most impactful asset a child can be exposed to. It is in that early environment that truth is recorded in the soul of a child. God told me once that one of the reasons that I had trouble being a husband and a father was because I had never been a son to a man.

Too often flawed expectations are brought into the kingdom of God of what fulfillment is and has to be corrected. Until they are, we can spend our lives chasing fulfillment decoys. Fulfillment for me can be defined differently from how someone else defines it. Total fulfillment for me can only be derived through me subjecting myself to my personal individual covenant with God. This means living my life by every word that comes out of the mouth of God for me, not another. When I do, I will experience ultimate fulfillment.

Born of His Spirit and filled with His love.

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