Don’t Carry Dirty

A while ago, my Son Bobby and I were talking about people who had a history or carrying guns for defense. Our Son presently has 17 years in the Air Force so guns would be very comfortable and natural for him to carry a gun with a Texas License. We discussed one person we both knew very intimately who had a long history of carrying a gun. Bobby explained to me that that man “carried dirty”. I said “what do you mean?” and he explained Texas Gun Laws to me and how many violated those laws. That is where the phrase “Carrying dirty” comes because it refers to those who carry a gun without legal permission or licensure. That phrase stayed with me and I thought about the Gospel and how so many Christians in the Church of Jesus Christ also “carry dirty”.

At Redemptive Christian Counseling, we are counseling so many Christians who have or had moral sin in their lives. One lady in particular, I counseled many years ago, who was a wonderful Wife and stay-at-home Mother. She came to me because she battled a very strong tormenting demon. After talking to her more and discerning what she was actually battling, I knew that her Husband was “carrying dirty”. I knew she lived holy and I knew that her Husband had to have been a porn struggler. The demon she was battling is called an Incubus (means to “lie upon”) who takes advantage of a woman who has either voluntarily been into unclearness or has had it imposed upon her by her mate. The case in point situation was too pronounced and that Demon had too much power and took too many liberties with her. Her covering was “Dirty”. When I mentioned my suspicions to her, she was not in agreement because of their “clean” home life. I just prayed about it and God in His mercy validated and confirmed my suspicions to her Himself. My Husband likewise, has counsel men who have battled the succubus (means to lie under) spirit and have experienced the same sexual torture in attempting to live righteous lives for Christ.

The Lady mentioned above went to church with her Family and everything seemed appropriate in appearance but there was something dark lurking in her Husband unknown to him that kept her sexually uncovered. The incubus attacks the female and the succubus attacks the male usually in their sleep. These demons will give you sexual dream pollution with corresponding sexual climaxes, so it is a spiritual invasion into your soul and body. These demons are also referred to as your “Spiritual Husband and Spiritual Wife” and they are possessive and destructive to their host. Their goal is to “marry” you to make you “carry dirty” or destroy your life in every possible way whether relationally, spiritually, physically, mentally or financially. Their goal is the same as their Commander-In-Chief Satan which is to steal, kill and destroy as spoken of in John 10:10. When these demons grow in power they don’t just attack you when you are in the bed sleeping but will molest you sexually wherever you are. Whether you are sitting in Church, listening to your pastor’s sermons, or just having lunch with friends or family, these sexual demons will start up their torture. When you are dirty, you may not even know it until the torment starts. My Husband has counseled numerous godly men just as I have counseled many godly ladies who were tormented and “carrying dirty”.

Satan is a legalist and the same spiritual laws that govern our lives also govern his so he has to get you to sexually violate in a way that grants him a spiritual passport or access to you. The international and national epidemic of porn on every media level in our country is one of the grandstand reasons followed by consensual or non-consensual sexual activities. Sexual dreams and fantasies, fornication, adultery, oral sex, ungodly soul-ties, porn, certain kinds of R-rated movies, evil dedications, sexual molestation, date rape and all kinds of sexual activity spiritually unlawful outside and inside of the marital covenant will give the succubus and incubus spiritual passports . All of this sexual drama is traveling hard into Churches everywhere. A lot of Pastors or Preachers are preaching or teaching “carrying dirty”. A lot of Church Leaders in churches are leading “carrying dirty”. A lot of people in Churches everywhere are sitting on church pews “carrying dirty”. A lot of men and women we have counseled whether single or married have at some time experienced this kind of distress but were confused by it or fearful of it, so most just kept it to themselves.

Many lies that single women and men hear of never getting married and never having children may be the spiritual torment of these evil agents (incubus or succubus). When any of the above sexual activities are performed, this gives them spiritual passports (rights) into your lives and their goal is always to “marry” you and to keep us from receiving the abundant life Jesus Christ, our Lord has promised us. All of us want our divine inheritance and none of us would get any pleasure from “carrying dirty” in any way. I know that this has been a lot of heavy and rich information I have just presented to you but at Redemptive Christian Counseling we are on your side. We want you walking in freedom with a firm foundation in Christ receiving all of your spiritual inheritances. Please pray the prayer below and give us a call at 972-478-4340 and ask for Pastors Jerry or Jessye Ruffin and we can help you break through and move you away from “carrying dirty”.

Lord Jesus, I am ready to repair and restore my soul and body in any area that has been in captivity or bondage to the evil agents of the succubus or incubus spirits. I ask you now to give me the courage and boldness to take a stand against the evil spiritual environment these spirits are creating in my life and I will call Redemptive Christian Counseling to make this become my reality. AMEN

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