The Secret Chamber

Locked deep within the heart of every Christian man or woman is a place where few people have been given the rite of passage way. This place I have termed the “secret chamber.” Secret because it is hidden away from the rest of the house and remains invisible to others. Chamber because it is only one room tucked away within the house or temple of a man. 1 Cor. 3:16 reads “Do you not know that you are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you.” Truly we are the human temples of God and He lives within us. We have a responsibility to take care of every part of this temple because it is a godly habitation in which the Lord dwells. Rite of passage rights have been given away to people who have had no other plans than to abandon or to reject us after their selfish goals have been accomplished.

This secret chamber is a very delicate or fragile room within the heart that requires certain qualifications to be met before entry. Out of desperation and a desirous need to be loved and understood, many have given this rite away only to become more deeply wounded and broken. When unsanctioned passage has been given away, the person entering into this secret place has access to secrets that no one else has ever heard relating to you. Automatically, an emotional bond or soul-tie has been created that should have been founded on a covenant relationship that would last a lifetime. That is why if this person is of the same sex then it should be a “bosom friend ” relationship or if this person is of the opposite sex then it should be a husband or someone with whom you have definite marital plans. There are sick people who get perverted pleasure from gathering the keys to someone else’s heart only to control and reject them later because the “thrill is now gone”. Mission has been accomplished.

We can help ourselves by understanding that this place is truly a holy place within us that belongs to the Lord and it is up to Him to decide who traffics there. For innately upon entry is a built in responsibility with the help of the Lord to bring healing and restoration within the soul of that person. Which is why it is important that this person be ordained by God to be able to carry the weight of the responsibility and the godly anointing that comes with it. The grace of God is given to a husband, fiancée, pastor, or godly counselor. Wrapped up in this responsibility is the Lord’s power, authority, discernment and wisdom to bring about restoration because everything is this chamber may not be upright. Sometimes it is too dim in the chamber for one to see properly and that is why the restorer must have the Lord’s anointing to furnish the necessary light to facilitate the healing process. There are times when darkness completely covers and only the Lord can provide the penetrating light needed for the healing because as it says in Psalms 139:11& 12 “…the darkness shines as bright as the day, the darkness and the light are both alike to You.” The secret chamber should be enveloped in God secret place. Psalms 91:1

Many problems have arisen from an unsanctioned rite of passage when a married man or woman talks of tender heart issues with someone other than their spouse. This is spiritual adultery and can be just as devastating to a covenant marriage as physical adultery. Spirits of seduction have many faces and some of them look innocent but are not. If married men are always talking to you about their problems, lady, you have taken the place of the other woman in his life. If married women are always talking to you about their problems, Sir, then you have become the other man in her life. God calls this thing adultery.

Singles will uncover themselves prematurely because maybe the person they are conversing with lacks revelation in this area and was willing to tell them their life story. Because he or she is “telling it all” doesn’t give you permission to do the same. You take note and understand that access to this place cannot be indiscriminately offered to anyone except the Lord or the person the Lord has given access.

It is time for us to become mature in the ways that we relate to others. Some of the church is addicted to brokenness and some of us are satisfied to mirror a society that is psychologically dysfunctional – the world. We must purpose in our hearts to make a decision to grow up seeking the Lord while accepting His complete Lordship. At Redemptive Christian Counseling, we are so anointed by the Lord to spiritually equip you to move out of those fractured places. Those places were “X” marks the spot and you are standing to the left or to the right of X and nothing seems or feels right any longer. Do yourself a favor and give us a call at RCC 972-478-4340 and we do a lot of telephone counseling if you are not local or can’t come into our Offices.
Article is copyrighted and used with permission of Pstr Jessye Ruffin

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